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COMMUNIQUE: Opération d’apurement du foncier des zones industrielles de Ouagadougou, Bobo-Dioulasso et Koudougou, du 20 janvier au 28 février 2020.

Representation South Central

The South-Central region has a total area of ​​approximately 11,327 km2, representing 4.1% of the total area of ​​the country. The region ranks 11th in terms of area. It is limited to the North by the Central region, to the East by the Central East and Central Plateau regions, to the West by the Central West region and to the South by Ghana.

It has 16 Rural Communes and 3 Urban Communes (provincial chiefs). The number of villages increased from 528 in 2006 to 536 in 2013.

The areas of the provinces that make up the Center-Sud region are respectively about 34.85% of the total area for the province of Bazèga, 33.92% for the province of Nahouri and 31.24% for the province. Zoundwéogo province. According to the final results of the 2006 RGPH, the province of Zoundwéogo is the most populated; it has 38.04% of the regional population with a density of 70 inhabitants / km2. The province of Bazèga comes second with 36.80% of the population of the region and has a density of 60 inhabitants / km2. The province of Nahouri is the least populated with 25.14% of the regional population and a density of the order of 41 inhabitants / km2. The following table provides an overview by municipality and by province of the administrative framework of the South Central Region in 2013.

The Regional Consular Assembly (RCA) is composed of four (04) consular elected representatives and two (02) regional delegates.

The CAB Board is composed as follows:

- President: Mr Joseph ROUAMBA

- Vice-President: Mr Idrissa ROUAMBA

- Secretary: Mr Jean Marie YamineTANGONGOSSE